West Virginia Live – 2016

The Toler Brothers Vocals:
Stan Toler, Bass
Terry Toler, Lead
Mark Hollingsworth, Baritone
Joe Hall, Tenor
Keyboards: Zach “ZMan” Sutton

Recorded Live: First Church of the Nazarene, Hurricane, WV
Recorded By: Harvest Studios 4102 8th Street Rd. Huntington, WV
Produced By: The Toler Brothers
Live Recording Engineer: Mark Hale
Additional Engineering: Ken Rosfeld
Mixed By: Ken Rosfeld
Mastered By: Mark Hale

Design: Doug West
Photography/Videography: Ian Weston

One wise person said that gratitude is the memory of the heart. The Toler Brothers will never forget those who inspired us – supported us and made this project a reality. So, thanks Dean Hickman, we will never forget you. Nor will we forget the loving hospitality of Hurricane First Nazarene and all who joined us in our effort to serve the needy children of Appalachia. Special thanks to our songwriter friends and fabulous musicians who gave us a running start on creating West Virginia LIVE. You all have our gratitude now and forever. The TBROS.

TQL Productions, LLC © 2016


Track List

1) Introduction: The Boys From Baileysville – Bret Layton
2) I’m Gonna Live Forever (Shirley Cantrell)
3) Love Came Calling (Wayne Haun – Joel Lindsay)
4) Somebody to drive at night – meet Joe and Zach
5) Don’t Look Back (Terry Toler – Tanya Goodman Sykes)
6) Gourmet preachers! Meet Brother Mark.
7) Let The Church Roll On (Public Domain)
8) Talking in church, a bright light, Elvis and hymnals!
9) ‘Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus (Louis M. R. Stead – William J. Kirkpatrick)
10) Psalm 23 and pursuing love.
11) Come Home (Terry Toler – C. Aaron Wilburn)
12) Meet Brother Terry and Mom’s favorite son, Stan!
13) Because He Loved Me (Morris Stancil)
14) Brother Stan gets to preachin’!
15) Encore - Because He Loved Me
16) Church singing Amazing Grace (acapella)
17) A songwriter story.
18) Thinkin’ About Home (Terry Toler)
19) Tribute to the Happy Goodmans
20) I Wouldn’t Take Nothing For My Journey (Rusty Goodman – Jimmy Davis)
21) Encore – I Wouldn’t Take Nothing For My Journey - featuring Zach Sutton
22) The Toler Brothers Story - Christmas 1961
23) He Still Speaks (Terry Toler)



He Still Speaks – 2015 (2008)

Originally Released - 2008

The Toler Brothers Vocals:
Stan Toler, Baritone
Terry Toler, Tenor
Mark Hollingsworth, Lead

Special Guest Vocalists:
Tanya Goodman-Sykes, Richard Sterben, Rodney Britt

Produced by Michael Sykes
Mixed by Pete Greene at
The Greene Room, Hendersonville, TN
Mastered by Jeff Gudenrath, Audio Integrity, Manor, TX

Band Tracks Recorded by Joe Carroll, TBN Studios,Hendersonville, TN
Vvocal Tracks Recorded by David Ponder, SNU Studios, Bethany, OK and P&S Recording, Smyrna, TN
Production Coordinator: Ken Rosfeld, SNU Studio, Bethany, OK
Additional Vocal Tracks: Engineering & Recording
by Ron Fairchild, RFM Central, Hendersonville, TN
Video Coordinator: Rex Tullis

Gary Prim, Keyboards, Session Leader
Kelly Back, Electric Guitars
Gary Lum, Bass Guitars
Bobby All, Acoustic Guitar
Jerry Croon, Drums
Steve Maudlin, Strings

Design: D.E. West

To our parents, William Aaron Toler, Father (1926-1962) Jack & Loretta Hollingsworth, Stepfather and Mother

TQL Productions, LLC © 2016


Track List

1) Starting Now – (Terry Toler & Michael Sykes)

2) He Touched Me - (William J. Gaither)

3) You Can Depend on Jesus - (Terry Toler & Rusty Goodman)

4) Think About - (Terry Toler) Guest Vocal: Rodney Britt

5) Sweet Communion - (Terry Toler)

6) Only Child - (Terry Toler & Vic Clay)

7) Let The Church Roll On (Public Domain)

8) I Believe - (Jimmy Fortune)

9) The Shadow of the Steeple - (Terry Toler & Rusty Goodman)

10) The Prodigal Son - (Terry Toler) Guest Vocal: Richard Sterben

11) What a Lovely Name - (Charles Wycuff) Guest Vocalist: Tonya Goodman-Sykes & Rodney Britt

12) He Still Speaks - (Terry Toler) Guest Vocal: Richard Sterben